For Bookstore and Membership inquiries:

Please see the policies below for help. For comic submissions to The Nib’s editorial team, please see this post.

Nib Bookstore Policies

Received the wrong book, or a book you didn’t order? Have a query about refunds? Worried your parcel has gone missing? You’ve come to the right place.

Please note that all times may be longer than estimates due to coronavirus-related delays. We’ll do our best to communicate any delays that may occur.

I think my book might be missing/I think my book was never mailed.

The Nib Bookstore is currently manned by only one pair of hands, so orders may take a maximum of 5 business days to enter the mailing system, and an additional 7 for tracking to activate. Once the parcel hits the mail, you will automatically receive a tracking number in your email from our fulfillment service, Shipstation.

If you haven’t seen that tracking number in your mailbox, drop us a line at and we can check on the status of your parcel. 

Remember to double check that your book isn’t in pre-order, as those books have a separate release date from our immediately available stock.

Do you take exchanges or returns?

We do not currently offer exchanges or returns on books, largely due to the slowness of the USPS. 

My parcel came with the incorrect book/a book I didn’t order/a book I already received.

Occasionally, a spare book sneaks out into the post. That copy is on us, so if you don’t need it, feel free to pass it along to another avid reader or donate it to your local library. 

If you are still in need of the copy of your correct book, drop us a line at We’ll happily send out that book we owe you.

I need a refund on an order.

Send us a message and we can confirm if that order is still pending. If it is, we can cancel or modify your order, and process that refund. Squarespace handles the refund process, so keep an eye out for a Squarespace notification email.

If your order has been posted, we cannot offer a refund at this time. Orders are generally mailed out within 3-5 days. If you suspect you’ll need a refund, reach out at your soonest convenience and we can work with you.

The book I ordered is damaged.

If your book arrives in unsaleable condition, send a snapshot of that damaged book to and we’ll happily replace it. An unsaleable book is a book where the cover or pages are torn, scratched, bent, or otherwise cosmetically ruined. However, dented corners or small dings do not automatically designate a book unsaleable. If you’re unsure of the status of your book, don’t be shy to reach out.

My tracking states my package was marked “returned to sender/undeliverable.”

This generally occurs due to an incorrect mailing address provided on checkout. If you see your parcel has been returned to sender, send us an email at and we can help confirm that mailing address.

If a parcel is returned to sender, we do not automatically post it back out. We’ll do our best to reach out to you right away to confirm or update your mailing address, but if we receive no contact within 5 business days, we will process a refund on your order.

Nib Membership Policies

Unsure where your magazine is? Question on rewards? Need help jumping up a tier, or want to request a refund? We’re here to help.

Please note that all times may be longer than estimates due to coronavirus-related delays. We’ll do our best to communicate any delays that may occur.

Where is my monthly print magazine?

Currently, we run a thrice-yearly magazine publication, so we do not send out monthly issues. We hate to disappoint you on the magazine front, so turn to our daily online publishings to curb your Nib appetite!

I received an Inkwell newsletter stating the newest magazine has been published, but I haven’t received it in the mail.

Our issues are posted via bulk mailing, an affordable, widely-used method of distributing magazines. However, those magazines do not receive tracking, and generally take anywhere between 1 to 5 weeks to arrive domestically, and 3 to 8 internationally.

With the spread of COVID-19 and the delays in the USPS, domestic magazines have taken up to 8 weeks, and international magazines have taken up to 12. We’re sorry for the rough delays in these difficult times.

If the time threshold has passed with no sign of your magazine, reach out to We’ll have you confirm or update your mailing address, and if the situation permits, we’ll happily post a replacement out to you within 14 business days.

Due to the cost of postage, we can only send out up to two replacement magazines domestically, and one internationally. Note: you must be an active member to be eligible for replacements (exceptions may apply if you never received your first item).

I am a member at a tier with special rewards. When are they mailed out?

We post out high-member rewards at the turn of the month. These rewards will have tracking information mailed to you via the Nib Bookstore (with the exception of solitary sticker packs).

Totes and sticker packs are processed using your address on file with our membership.

Free book codes need to be redeemed via email, and are processed by the Nib Bookstore. If you haven’t seen a free book code email in over a month of your membership, let us know.

Please refer to the Nib Bookstore Policies for info on your free book order.

I need to edit payment/mailing/subscription tier info on my membership, how do I log in?

You can go to the primary membership page and click the ‘Account’ button at the top right corner to log into your account. You can also click here.

If you’re struggling with manually editing any account information, feel free to message us at

I purchased a gift subscription for a friend, and they haven’t activated it/received an email about it.

Not to worry! Sometimes that gift email is filtered by spam blockers, or just lost in a busy inbox. Send us an email with your gift order confirmation number and we can resend that activation info to your recipient.

Gift memberships are not automatically activated on purchase, so no need to worry about a gift membership being unintentionally “used up.”

I need a refund on my membership.

If you haven’t been receiving Nib magazines, drop us a line and we can help figure out which issues are missing from your collection–we’d love to replace those magazines we owe you, and make sure your mailing address on file is correct. If you prefer a refund, we can help organize that as well.

If you have received the latest magazine and all issues owed prior, unfortunately, we cannot process a refund at this time.

Something else concerning you about your Inkwell membership? Contact us at, and we’ll help make it right.