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What Else is Disappearing With Southeast Asia’s Mangrove Forests?

There's no other place on Earth where such a variety of flora and fauna can flourish together. And it's in danger.

Posted November 1st, 2017


This piece was produced in collaboration with This Is About from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


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New York City’s Stubborn Islamophobia

American culture is steeped in it. Even its most liberal bastions aren’t safe for Muslims.

Posted July 21st, 2017


Watch the Nib Animated: Fly Boy

Healthcare for all?! That absurd idea must be destroyed! Plus: Exposing the hidden dangers of teleportation and air travel.

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The Homeless LGBT Youth of NYC Are in Trouble

LGBT people make up 40% of the homeless youth in the USA. Nearly a third of LGBT youth drop out of high school. How can the cycle be broken?

Posted January 13th, 2017


What Is It Like To Raise Kids In Malaysia When You're LGBT?

"I'm Muslim, I'm queer as hell and I'm not gonna let the hardliners push me out of my own religion."

Posted October 12th, 2016


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