Rocky Cotard

Born in Mirabalais, Haiti and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Rocky Cotard’s work exists on a transnational plane. For the past 4 years, Rocky has returned to Haiti organizing collaborative programs with fellow Haitian artists defying the narrow representation of Haiti through media and encouraging pride in the Haitian experience. To illustrate the perspective of the Haitian Diaspora, Rocky draws inspiration from Gontron Durocher, Philippe Dodard, and Ronald Mevs. He has participated in the Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo (MICE), exhibited his work in various galleries in the Greater Boston area, and been featured in Migrating Colors: Haitian Art in New England, created by the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts (HAAM) as an up-and-coming artist. His enduring goal is to promote a more accurate depiction of Haiti wherever possible.

Comics by Rocky Cotard