I go through sketchbooks pretty quickly…

I’ll draw in my sketchbook nearly everyday…

“At its most basic, I think sketchbook drawing for me is about keeping my hand loose and confident and about keeping that connection between my mind and my hand active.”

I’ve been making my own sketchbooks since 2005, then out of necessity, now out of preference. I typically make them with whatever scrap paper I have laying around. Since I do some printmaking and self-publishing I happen to have lots of good paper laying around, so the scraps will be anything from copy paper to 120# cover-stock (in a variety of colors) to 400 series bristol board.

And I go through tool crushes pretty rapidly. My current tool of choice has been the Pilot Hi-Tec-C .04. It has a very fluid, consistent line and ink flow and they come in a bunch of colors.

I guess my default thing to draw is a face. That’s probably 75% of what is in my sketchbooks.
But the way I usually approach sketching or doodling is based more on what kind of line I’m in the mood to make.
And then, based on what my line-mood is, I’ll figure out what is the most satisfying thing to draw with that line. Faces can be drawn in a lot of different moods.

I go through sketchbooks pretty quickly.

Joseph Lambert is an Eisner award-winning cartoonist and illustrator currently based in Boston. He fills a lot of sketchbooks.